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Enigma Sattv-Forum 1.0


Technical Infos:
CVS Version: 15 Februar 2008
Linux kernel version: 2.6.9
GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
Web Inteface Standard
Busybox 1.01

BLUE - STF Panel (Emu Addons)
1 sec BLUE - ECM Info
YELLOW - plugins
1 sec Yellow - Gbox Center,CCcam info,Mgcamd Info
GREEN - subservices

SFT Panel Info:
Start/Stop Emu
Sattv-forum news
Sys Info
Settings - Inadyn....

Addons info:
Download Addons - Emus,keys,Plugins,Setting....
Manual Install Addons tar.bz2
Delite Addons

Skin Neon by ohem2000

IPBox 200S

Last Kernel: 2.6.17 (Thanks to Sandali)
U-Boot: 1.2.0 (Thanks to Sandali)
Auto mID
Drtic Works with special version anvible on Addons server!

Support: www.sattv-forum.com

Image is based on Orginal CVS and some files are from Nemesis Source.
This image doesn't include keys or emulators.
Sattv-forum is not responsible any damage caused by this software.