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Merlin goes Incubus

Incubus_1.1.0.The.Number.of.the.Beast - www.mystb.org

- judding playback after fast forward/backward
- Recording does not start when the box is shutdown
- some minor bugs in epg-manager
- recurring timer - edit after finished timer-event is now working correctly (Merlin)
- small bug fix in epgsmarttimer (Merlin)
- bad layout in online update dialog

New Features
- added possibility to use additional languages
- new multiboot target: nfs share
- Time update over internet
- Export to HDD in var movemanager
- New targets for picon path depending of boxtyp
- New targets for epg path depending of boxtyp
- add dynamic Shutdown/Standby Menu
- user defined Functions for yellow/blue button
- mmc support for 200
- epgsmarttimer (Merlin)
- New Timer-Overlapping-Handling (Merlin)
- userdefined plugin for green/yellow/blue button on doubleclick (Merlin)

Known bugs:
Channel change while recording will scrape the recording
Main Features:
- Native Multiboot support
- Administrate your installed multiboot images with build-in functions in expert menu
- Install new images (native serial_all or usb_all ipbox images) with build-in function at hdd, cf, usb or mmc and select it at boottime
- Capability flashing serial_all or usb_all images with expert flash functions
- Dedicated addon server
- Ipbox Display functions
- For 400 toggle on/off LED in Standby mode
- MMC/CF support
- Crypt and Camdinfo on infobar (choose different settings in merlin menu)
- Var Movemanager
- Audiolanguage Manager
- Swap Manager
- User defined Functions for yellow/blue button
- Time update over internet
- And alot more

Technical Info:
- IPBox 200/250/350/4XX
- Kernel/driver/uboot 21.03.2008 (Thanks to Sandali)
- Merlin Sources: 21.09.2008 (Thanks to Merlin-Team)
- Own ipbox sources 21.09.2008

No softcams or k*ys and NO TIMESHIFT function inside

Download and support www.mystb.org